Don’t focus your B2B efforts on Facebook

Social media marketing is now an integral part of any communications strategy and businesses want to see instant results. At HarveyDavid we are often asked which online channels are the most effective for B2B marketing so we can help our clients understand where to spend and focus their time, efforts and ultimately money.

When we talk about social media marketing the common channels that spring to mind are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. But through our own experiences of managing client social media presences and seeing the various platforms evolve and develop, we have been able to decipher some front-runners that will really benefit B2B.

Facebook, originally created as a communications tool for students at Harvard University, has now become cluttered with poorly targeted advertisements and in our opinion offers little value for B2B. This has encouraged a powerful debate around whether Facebook is failing digital marketers. With this in mind it is important to consider:

  • Reaching your audience organically is becoming harder than ever, with Facebook merely offering 6% organic reach [1] to business pages and only 16% of posts get delivered to the desired audiences [2].
  • The future doesn’t look great for Facebook as a study by Pew Research suggested that 27% of active Facebook users plan to spend less using it in the coming years [3]. These users could be potential decision makers that are valuable targets for businesses.
  • Brands and marketing agencies are not shying away from the fact that Facebook is not an effective channel for B2B marketing. In recent months, more and more brands are freely expressing that their efforts should be focused on other social media channels rather than Facebook.

In addition to the final point listed above, we strongly believe B2B brands should not be focusing all of their media spend and content strategies on Facebook. Yes, Facebook is still and will remain to be a very important and popular social media platform, however businesses should look to engage their audiences with more suitable social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, B2B can gain extra social traffic through linking to their websites, microsites, YouTube pages and mobile apps.

HarveyDavid can help your business leverage social media, turning conversations into customers. Find out more about our social media marketing services by contacting us today.

– Becky Glanville, Social Media & Account Executive at HarveyDavid. Follow HarveyDavid for more insights.


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