It’s Called SOCIAL Media for a Reason

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘to socialise (with someone)’ as ‘to meet and spend time with people in a friendly way, in order to enjoy yourself’.

With this in mind, it seems that a lot of people and particularly businesses have forgotten what lies at the heart of social media. Those who understand social media call it ‘engagement’ or something equally as corporate (I myself am guilty of this) but in the regular world it’s called ‘socialising’.

Too many businesses use social media as an outbound broadcast channel only, tweeting or posting messages solely about how amazing their latest product is and neglecting the desire for human interaction that drove many of us to originally sign up to platforms like MySpace and Facebook many years ago.

At this point I should highlight that broadcast messaging via social media is not a bad thing by any means. In moderation it can be very effective but only as part of a wider social strategy, one that should always include socialising with followers, advocates and influencers.

Think about it: imagine you are out in the street and someone is shouting nondescript statements in every direction. How likely are you to respond to this person in that moment? Now imagine that same person approaches you and asks you a question directly. Although you may not respond positively, you will still likely respond in some manner as opposed to the other option, which is to ignore them and walk away.

The same applies to interaction on social media. It has been proven numerous times that people respond more actively to direct ‘engagement’ on social media compared to non-targeted statements. We have found for one of our clients that tweets featuring a question were 22% more likely to be interacted with compared to non-question based messages.

If you or your business can use social media for what is was intended for; to connect with people and talk to them, you will immediately see an improvement in your social media standing amongst peers, competitors, customers and prospects. This can lead to an uplift in the amount of shares and likes received, or if done effectively, an increase in the number of visits to your website and the volume of completed contact form submissions.

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Warren George, Digital Marketing Associate at HarveyDavid. Follow HarveyDavid and Warren for more insights.