Want To Know How To Create Your Business Story? Watch My TEDx Talk

By December 15, 2015Storytelling

A chap who advises airports on passenger terminal layout once told me that airlines would prefer it if passengers simply slid down a greasy pole straight into their seat ready for take off. On the other hand, the airport operator prefers passengers to slowly zigzag through an endless parade of shops and restaurants, spending as much money as possible. I believe people seeking to improve a skill prefer to get to the point of understanding as quickly as possible.

So I dedicated my precious minutes on the TED red circle carpet to giving you a practical and proven method that will enable you to quickly create your personal or business story with the minimum of fuss.

Click here to view my TED Talk

This talk was based on my book, ‘Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It’,  available through Amazon.

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