Why your business should care about Google+

By July 20, 2015Social Media

Recently I met with a prospective new client and whilst going through the ins and outs of our social media marketing offering, they asked ‘What is Google+?’As someone who works with Google+ (G+) on a daily basis this question blindsided me, serving as a potent reminder that even after two-years of using it in a personal capacity, the social network is not as widely recognised as I had come to believe. Although I answered the question there and then I have since spent time really thinking about what Google+ is, and subsequently why your business should care about it.

So what is Google+? In a nutshell, it is a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter with a spattering of other social platforms worked in for good measure. It’s timeline and newsfeed follows the traditional grid layout seen on Facebook, updates integrate hashtags effectively like Twitter and uploaded media is organised into well-designed galleries, à la Flickr. However the main differences that G+ offers compared to its more established competitors is that there is currently no advertising present* in timelines to distract from the content present. In terms of funding Google does not rely on ad revenue from Google+ to make its money, whereas Facebook is purely dependent on advertiser spend via its social network. Google+ also allows for seamless integration with all other Google products and services.

It is this last point why your business should care about Google+. You are able to link your G+ page to Gmail, YouTube and Android. For businesses, further integration options include Google Docs, Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. This is all part of a concerted effort by Google to synchronise its offering, providing a one-stop digital platform for users. When this is combined with the fact that Google is the most used search engine in the world (and therefore dominates any discussion around website search engine optimisation or SEO), it will come as no big surprise that it has been found where businesses have an active and integrated Google+ presence, their search rankings are (on average) higher when looked at against comparative competitors [1].

The bottom line is that Google wants your business using Google+, integrating your profile with their cash cows such as Adwords and would rather not have you using rivals like Facebook. The incentive to do this is an uplift in search engine rankings – something no other social media network can guarantee.

If your business isn’t already using Google+, it should be. HarveyDavid can help your business leverage Google+, improving your social media and SEO presence in unison. Find out more about our social media marketing services by contacting us today.


Warren George, Digital Marketing Associate at HarveyDavid. Follow HarveyDavid and Warren for more insights.


[1] The link between Google+ and SEO Demystified