Your Business Can Appear At The Top Of Google, But It’s Going To Cost You

By November 23, 2015PPC, SEO

Ask most businesses what they want from their website and most will answer with ‘we would like to see it at the top of Google when someone types in [insert service/product name here]’. There’s probably not a digital marketing manager in the world that hasn’t heard this, or something similar at some point in their career.

Well, did you know it is possible to appear at top of Google search results, almost instantly? Sounds like a spam email subject line from ten years ago right?

There’s one catch though; it will cost you, and depending on your business, it could cost you a lot.

The answer is Google AdWords. AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform from the world’s largest search engine which facilitates the placement of user adverts (ads) in it’s search results and on partner websites affiliated with Google AdSense.

Although an incredibly complex platform to master, AdWords and most other PPC platforms operate via one core premise. Spending more money, and in particular, the more you are willing to pay for each click (‘pay per click’), results in your ad being displayed more prominently, higher in search results and therefore generally resulting in more visits to your website.

On this basis, if you have an unlimited budget there is no reason why your website cannot appear at the top of Google for all of your target keywords and phrases. Furthermore, for those familiar with the platform it takes less than 30 minutes to set up a basic AdWords campaign so your website can be at the very top of Google in no time at all.

Unfortunately though it’s not that simple (not just because businesses with unlimited marketing spends don’t appear all too often!). Depending on the service or product you sell, the amount that you pay for each click varies considerably. Broadly speaking, this is based on how much competition there is in your market or sector; the more competition, the more each visit to your website costs you.

We manage AdWords campaigns for a range of clients across a variation of industries, and therefore see a huge difference in what businesses can pay for each visit to their site. For example, client A who has little competition in their field pays approx. £2 per visit. However, client B who has a lot of competition, many of whom are also using AdWords, pays £50 per visit.

Based on the above it’s easy to plough a lot of money into AdWords if you don’t know what you are doing, and like all services Google offers, AdWords changes like the wind. However, done correctly, AdWords can be extremely effective in placing your website in a prominent position in search results, referring large volumes of web traffic and generating new business opportunities and product sales.

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– Warren George, Digital Marketing Associate at HarveyDavid. Follow HarveyDavid and Warren for more insights.