Launching First Databank’s Eloqua instance and first campaign

The client need

First Databank (FDB) provide software designed to deliver better medication decision support for GPs. With a small in-house marketing team in the UK, they asked HarveyDavid to implement their Eloqua instance and create an outbound campaign to introduce its product to a healthcare audience.

How HarveyDavid helped

We implemented a standard Eloqua configuration which included integration with their CRM. During the integration process, we undertook a thorough audit of their existing data, mapping it to their CRM requirements to ensure consistency for future automation activity. Finally we used the client’s knowledge of their typical customer buyer journey to establish a multi-touch campaign to drive engagement, incorporating data capture with progressive profiling.

By repurposing content from FDB archieves we were able to create a high value gated asset which we sent to existing customers inviting them to learn more about FDB’s latest medicines management software. The campaign performed beyond client expectations, generating a high number of demonstration enquiries.


Working with HarveyDavid, FDB has built on this success and has continued to deploy successful campaigns, optimising their use of Oracle Eloqua and enhancing their marketing automation.

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