Moving from Direct Mail to a Multi-channel Approach

The client

First Databank International offers software solutions for the healthcare industry. In the US alone they reach 84% of discharged patients, 177 million insured individuals and 3.1 billion prescriptions. Their audience is a highly-trained and very busy customer base who are often hard to reach.

The challenge

With a small in-house marketing team still reliant on quite traditional methods such as Direct Mail, they needed an agency who could help them define and implement their first multi-channel digital strategy.

How HarveyDavid helped

At this point, the client had not implemented Eloqua but wanted to try out inbound marketing with an element of lead nurture and automation as a taster. To keep costs down HarveyDavid made use of available content (repurposed a copy-heavy report to make it more visually appealing) and developed a simple inbound strategy to identify, reach and nurture leads. We ran the campaign using MailChimp and after a couple of days, we received a message from the client asking us to stop the campaign! Being human we assumed we had done something wrong. The reality was much better than our imaginations as they had received too many requests for a demo and the sales team couldn’t manage any more bookings. A nice problem to have. Pleased with the results, FDB committed to setting up an Eloqua instance and we helped them create strategies to share high-quality content with their audience using email (Eloqua) and social.

The results

Hearst Heath saw an uplift in web traffic, solution enquiries and demonstration requests. OptimiseRx, one of the solutions that HarveyDavid helped to support, went on to become a leading medication prescribing software solution used by the NHS (National Health Service).

What the client said

“HarveyDavid transformed our marketing approach, and helped us optimise the way we use Eloqua to drive sales. The increase in enquiries and demonstration requests was impressive and helped us reach a wider audience without increasing in-house resource.
Emmeline Randall – Head of Marketing – Firs Databank

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