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3 Signs your Marketing Automation Efforts are Rubbish and How to Fix Them

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So you want to be a marketing automation rock star. But you’re concerned that you wouldn’t even make it through the local auditions for X factor. Don’t worry; chances are you’re doing a heroic job already. However, just in case you’re curious then you should read on and find out if your marketing automation is a bit flat or perfectly in tune.


  1. We use marketing automation for our newsletter, but that’s all

If you are sending out a newsletter and that is the total activity for your marketing automation efforts then well done. You have no idea how many companies have an automation instance, paid up in full, and it has done nothing to date except blast the odd email. Zilch. Not even connected to a CRM or supporting campaign activity. Only software left dormant after the vendor promised it would be pumping leads into the business in no time at all. The promise is huge and, as you unpack its potential use in the business, it can soon overwhelm.

The Fix: If you are doing something then you are ahead of many and you can build on that. If you are doing nothing then be inspired and do one small thing to move forward… a thought leadership campaign would be a good start. Look at a simple way to build engagement and capture data to feed into a follow up activity. If you are feeling brave then you can make your campaign dynamic to meet the real needs of the recipient through personalisation. Keeping it simple at first will enable you to tackle automating your repetitive marketing processes one at a time as you move toward full automation.


  1. Of course we don’t have a strategy

 Marketing strategies work best when they seamlessly dovetail into the greater needs of the business strategy. So start by understanding what the short, medium and long-term goals for the business are before creating a marketing automation plan. A valuable aspect for marketing automation, apart from being able to automate repetitive tasks, is that you can nurture people along their buying journey by educating and building trust. Start by understanding customers business needs and how they look to resolve them.

The Fix: Get familiar with the business strategy so you can align the marketing strategy to it and then align your marketing automation activity to compliment your customers needs. This will create a small but meaningful win.


  1. Our poor poor content!

Rubbish content comes in two distinct shades. The first is when it does not reflect the professionalism of your organization because it’s been badly conceived or poorly produced. The second is content that sits in total isolation perhaps answering one specific point a customer may have but failing to make the link to the next question in their buyer journey. This will create a content gap where the buyer is forced to hunt for answers from other vendors.

The Fix: Map the buyer journey and match your content to it. Look for gaps in the journey and create the content required to fill the gap. Set a standard that reflects the professionalism of your brand and recreate any content that does not meet that standard.


These are three common mistakes we have seen made by marketers with an automation instance. The good news is that if you identified anything out of the three in your business then you can set to work to fix it. Or you can ask us for help and see what it’s like to work with a specialist marketing automation agency partner.

Would you like to continue the conversation? Speak to Harvey or David on 0117 214 0011 or email and we’ll get right back to you.



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