5 B2B Message Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Talking about features rather than benefits

A list of features demonstrating how fast your speeds are, how much connectivity your product offers, or how quickly you can switch on your service is meant to impress a prospect. But the truth is, features do little to persuade someone to buy your product or service compared to benefits. Benefits bring to life what the customer will experience when they buy your offering.

Take a look at your copy, does it list features, or does it bring to life the benefits?


Two or three messages where there should be one

The adage goes, throw me a ball and I’ll catch it, throw me three at the same time and I’ll drop them all. Messaging that asks people to remember three things ends up not being remembered at all. To make your message memorable say one thing and say it well.

Is your messaging trying to say too much?


Not making it clear where the customer can make a gain or avoid a loss

We are human. We are moving through life trying to make gains and avoid losses. Be that in our personal lives or in business. It’s at the very core of our decision-making, yet companies easily forget it and then fail to point how a prospect can make a gain or avoid a loss.

Have you made it clear the gain you offer or the loss you mitigate against?


Using inside out language

The X419DT may fill your entire workforce with pride, but its abstract name will confuse your prospect. You may have a perfect anagram for your new software solution, but again, it will confuse your prospect. It may be common to refer to some aspect of your operation with a word coined by the CEO and now adopted by everyone in the company, but it will confuse your prospect. Inside out language, language that is used inside your company and then seeps out through your marketing efforts will confuse your prospect.

Are you using language that bamboozles your prospect?


Unclear call to action

What you want a prospect to do next and what a prospect wants to do next are often two entirely different things. Only when you’ve walked in your prospect’s shoes can you realise where they want to go next. A poor call to action will be met with inertia, the death kernel of any hopeful marketing campaign.

Does your call to action take the prospect where they need to go next?

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