About Us - HarveyDavid
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About Us

HarveyDavid was founded in 2014 by Harvey Steed and David Sloly to provide B2B digital marketing services for brands using marketing automation.

Harvey has a background in marketing automation strategy and leading teams to deliver technology solutions that ensure those strategies deliver for the client and the end-user.

David has a background in content marketing strategy and production and ensures the messaging and content meets the requirements of the strategy and end-user.

Together we lead HarveyDavid to help clients extract maximum value from their marketing automation platform. Our first client signed up back in 2014 for marketing automation implementation, and we still work with them today, helping their marketing team develop nurture strategies, high-value content and platform development.

Harvey Steed & David Sloly

David Sloly: TED, SXSW Speaker | Author | Marketing Automation agency Owner.