Copywriting compelling articles for business leaders

There comes a time on every company’s social media calendar where they need to move from amplifying other peoples posts to creating original, considered opinion pieces that position their own leaders as industry experts and spokespeople.

But there’s one fundamental challenge to overcome. Many leaders know the value of channels like LinkedIn, but are not necessarily skilled in crafting informed opinion pieces. This was the challenge facing the Ricoh Global Services leadership team.

We got to know what made these leaders tick, before identifying topics and then ghostwriting compelling articles in their voices. Initially, the team at Ricoh were nervous to put their first posts out. But once they saw the positive engagement, shares and genuine comments, they changed their minds. But most of all, they were delighted with the conversations created with prospects.

Deliverables: Created new LinkedIn banners, profile positioning statements and ‘about’ descriptions. Undertook one-to-one ideation sessions, ghost wrote articles. Established a social media handbook, reporting for engagement measurement.

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