Helping the Government create a new brand

It’s not every day the Government asks you to create a new brand identity and strapline.

But with the imminent launch of an international health programme, supported by one of the largest-ever Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) aid investments, they needed to make the impossible happen.

With over 20 stakeholders and just three weeks for delivery, we launched with an agile creative plan. Designers, copywriters and account managers worked side-by-side (virtually), and within two weeks the stakeholders agreed on the logo and strapline.

How did HarveyDavid perform a branding exercise from start to finish in less than three weeks? Because we didn’t do it alone – we collaborated with the client’s team and their partners at the Palladium Group.
Together we made it possible.

Deliverables: strategy, creative, logo design, strapline, online assets, banners, brand guidelines, online workshops for global partners on how to use the brand, project management.

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