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Creating an evergreen lead generation & nurture strategy

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Executive summary
  • Developed a new strategy focussing on publishing high-quality, user-centric and action-oriented content with a targeted Eloqua lead nurture process for generating MQLs
  • Attributed all content to sales leaders within the business and encouraged sales teams to share the content within their own networks
  • Launched a lead generation campaign optimised to convert the maximum amount of traffic into leads
  • Designed automated bottom-of-funnel campaigns designed to nurture those leads and channel them into relevant product or service line campaigns
The results
  • Increased web traffic by 220% in seven months
  • Generated 780 leads in seven months
  • Achieved 9.5% conversion rate on the landing page
  • Established the basis of an ‘evergreen’ lead generation and nurture strategy that Ricoh UK can optimise and add to over time which generates around 30 – 35 new leads per month
The client need

They had been investing in tactical marketing automation campaigns for a while, but lacked a defined long-term strategy for lead generation and nurture. Coupled with this, the marketing department had over 30 different product and service lines to support with campaigns, with limited resource at their disposal. As a result, their activity was often reactionary and short-term.

The client needed a long-term, strategic approach that could support all of the service lines, while effectively nurturing and converting prospects into MQLs.

How we helped

By carefully consolidating and redirecting all historic search traffic to one new domain.

Over time Ricoh had built up a number of historic thought leadership domains. We launched a new evergreen domain and carefully redirected the traffic from the old domains to relevant content on the new site.

This enabled us to make a clean break with the past without starting from scratch. Our new domain had a reliable stream of traffic and a strong base of search-optimised content from day one.

By gaining audience insights from years of historic performance data.

By reviewing the analytics for all previous domains we were able to identify the best-performing content and topics. We saw that Ricoh’s customers weren’t looking for lofty opinions or think-pieces, they wanted practical advice. They wanted real answers to real questions. We focussed our strategy on answering these questions, being helpful and adding value for the end-user.

By putting Ricoh’s people and expertise front-and-centre.

We attributed every post to a customer-facing member of Ricoh’s team, usually a senior sales person. And we finished every post with an invitation to connect or get in touch via LinkedIn. We also included headshots so that people could see the author.

This had a number of effects:

  • It shifted the tone from ‘corporate’ to ‘personal’
  • It raised the profile of Ricoh’s sales leaders and made Ricoh feel more approachable
  • It increased the level of internal engagement – people are more likely to share content that has been written by a colleague (or ghost-written for them)
  • It created a sense of FOMO – when people saw their colleagues being featured on the blog, they wanted to be featured too

By halving the amount of content they were publishing.

When we launched the new domain we agreed to half the publishing frequency and move from four or more posts a month to two or three. We published less content, but the content we did publish was smarter, much more detailed and better researched.

Equipped sales with content to send to clients.

Ricoh UK had a large, engaged sales team who were keen to find reasons to reach out to clients or prospects. Now that the content was being attributed to senior sales staff, we encouraged other members of sales and marketing to get behind the content and share it on social. And we proactively fed the results back to them so they could see the impact this was having.

Created an evergreen ‘lead magnet’ for lead generation.

‘The Optimal Office’ was a concept first introduced in a previous piece of Ricoh research. It describes a holistic approach to workplace transformation, based on a people-first approach.

We created a ‘lead magnet’ titled The Essential Guide to Creating an Optimal Office. It talked clients through every stage of the workplace transformation process, starting with optimising their people, their processes, the physical space and finally their technology stack.

The guide was full of practical, hands-on advice and the written style was concise and punchy for maximum skimmability. The guide was then hosted on a landing page and offered to prospects in return for their contact data. Form integration with Eloqua ensured all engaged contacts were captured and nurtured.

Use marketing automation to channel leads into relevant bottom-of-funnel product and service campaigns.

Now we have prospects’ contact details and intent data captured in Eloqua the next step is to identify the content they were most interested in. We will then target them with more relevant content, eventually channeling them into bottom-of-funnel campaigns focused on products or services they are most likely to engage with.

The emails are staggered over time in order to keep Ricoh front-of-mind and extend the length of the engagement.

The results

In seven months, traffic to the new domain increased by 220% compared to the previous content platforms. The Optimal Office lead magnet campaign that was launched has delivered 780 targeted leads to date and continues to deliver new leads on an ongoing basis. The campaign has been described by Ricoh UK as the best lead generation campaign they’d ever launched.

Client comment
“I’ve been keeping a close eye on the downloads and MQLs being generated – it’s looking very good. Well done team.”

David Clack
Head of Communications, Marketing at Ricoh UK

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