Emotional Engagement

Fact-based Customer Journeys Are NOT Enough

Most automation strategies are designed around answering customer’s needs as they move along the journey. More advanced strategies have refined customer journeys with data and digital body language insights, but are these rational insights enough?

If you are at the start of your automation journey then yes, the hard facts provide a solid foundation. There comes a time, however, when you need to consider overlaying your current rational journey map with the soft emotive drivers.

Your prospect isn’t a rational agent on a direct pathway to purchase

Your prospect isn’t a rational agent on a direct pathway to purchase. Let me explain, most decisions we make in life B2B or B2C are driven by emotions and guided by our own internal narrative*. Your prospect is on their journey with a head filled with fear, doubt, joy, desire or some other emotion. So you need to think beyond the logical roadmap and consider the emotional narratives that your prospect is being guided by.

Here’s an example:

‘In the summer of 2011, my wife and I decided we would go camping with our son. I needed to buy a tent, so I started with a rational search; waterpro