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From: Marketing Frustration

to Marketing Automation


HarveyDavid webinar

One of the biggest challenges facing modern marketing professionals is how to get real value from Marketing Automation. Strategies, people and processes drive success, but how will you align these to make your Marketing Automation efforts a success?


Mary Wallace is the Director of Marketing Technology at UBM plc, a market-leading B2B media and events business. As well as being a marketing technologist, Mary is serious about figure skating. A sport that balances every moment of grace with the risk of a fall. I wanted to find out from Mary how she persuaded UBM’s senior management to adopt Eloqua and engage with customers on a more personal level. It turned out to be a story of incremental steps and, like ice skating, taking some calculated risk.

Mary Wallace, Director of Marketing Technology at UBM

“Many in the business felt that batch and blast had worked for the last ten years, so why should they change? Trying to shift an organisation from ‘batch and blast’ to personal communications is very challenging. And trying to convince the leadership team that personalised communications based on relationships could work, is not a change that happens overnight. As marketers, we all know that personalised, value-based communication works. But to get leadership to buy into that idea is tough because it is a risk. As a media and events company, email was seen as a tool closely associated with revenue. This means a lot of pressure on any change to the status quo. As much as our marketing automation has grown and matured, we are still in our infancy in terms of what we can accomplish.”

“The pressure on marketing to drive revenue is greater than ever. When you have that level of need, it means change can be very slow as you turn on not only the technology but the strategies, people and processes around that technology. Hailing the wins along the way helps drive change. For example, a ‘wake up’ campaign to previously dormant contacts that is personalised depending on need. Talking to the leads about what they are interested in results in higher conversions. And that opens any company up to the idea that we need to do more of this.”

“I’m used to taking steps that most people find terrifying. One of the ways I do this is by visualising myself ice skating. In ice skating, the more you practice, the better you get. You get a stronger edge, a better curve and most importantly, greater flow. The same holds true for marketing automation – the more you work at it, the further you evolve. There is an edge in ice skating. Similarly, there is an edge in business. Both are a thin line between success and a mishap. You must work hard to understand that line and how to get the most from improving it. You must practise. The stronger the curve, the better the edge and ultimately, the better the flow.”

Join Mary for an insightful Webinar

Mary Wallace, Director of Marketing Technology at UBM and Atif Malik, VP Data Engineering at Informa, will take us on their journey from Marketing Frustration to Marketing Automation.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  1. Tips and tricks Mary and Atif have applied to create Marketing Automation success
  2. How you can use marketing automation to improve every part of the sales cycle
  3. How marketing automation can align sales and marketing.

Register now and learn the secrets to Marketing Automation success from two industry experts who have been there and done it.

Mar 24, 2020 04:00 PM in London

HarveyDavid is an Oracle Gold Partner. We specialise in B2B communications for brands using marketing automation.

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Case Studies


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