Oracle Open World: What are the big guns thinking? - HarveyDavid
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Oracle Open World:Oracle Open World: What are the big guns thinking?

What are the big guns thinking?


I’ve been at Oracle Open World in London for the past few days and I thought it was only fair to share with you some take-outs.


Cloud acted as an umbrella for all the other conversations around groundbreaking innovations that can disrupt entire industries. But business transformation was at the heart of the conference, and it starts with your data. Putting data in the cloud is good, but running Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and other ways to make your data work harder is the way forward.

HarveyDavid at Oracle Open World 2020

Safra Catz, Oracle Chief Executive Officer

Safra started with the Oracle transformation back story explaining how 19 years ago she sat down with Larry Ellison co-founder of Oracle to discuss how they could transform the business. Back then they thought it was all about IT, but they soon learned it was about the business.

“The Crown Jewels is the critical data in your business.”

Safra now believes transformation success requires leveraging all your data through an optimised cloud-based data stack. That way, you can make sure your customer has what they need when they need it without any human interaction. As Safra points out, levering data, AI, ML and insights will provide the company to its highest most competitive use.

Hans van Grieken

Hans van Grieken, Research and Insights Leader, Deloitte

Hans made the point that many companies swirl in a loop of ‘doing’ digital things and creating an illusion of being digital. They must make changes to their digital mindset and their business and customer models. Just moving data from your system to the cloud does not give you much benefit. To transform the business and get the benefits you need blockchain AI, IoT and ML. Hans went on to add that we are at the tipping point (for enterprise) of moving these new ideas into reality and doing this will transform into a companywide business of technology capability.

“Transformation means you can Free your budget. Free your people. Free imagination. And grow.”

Hans also shared his view of the new technologies hitting the market for the next 15 years:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Blockchain
  • Ai
  • IoT
  • 5G
  • Serverless computing
  • VR and AR
  • Driverless vehicles
  • Smart objects
  • 3D printing
  • Social and non-social robots

HarveyDavid is an Oracle Gold Partner. We specialise in B2B communications for brands using marketing automation.

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