The brain loves marketing automationWhy The Human Brain Loves Marketing Automation

The brain is the biggest muscle in the body and thanks to modern life it works tirelessly from sun up to sun down trying to compute all the decisions that come along.

The brain burns a lot of calories to carry out this function and evolution has done its bit to conserve energy by introducing measures to help the brain expend as little effort as possible. Behavioural scientists refer to this as heuristics. You and I call it ‘rule of thumb’, ‘gut instinct’ or‚ ‘best guess’.

Rule of thumb

Surprisingly we apply the rule of thumb more than you can imagine, from ordering a glass of wine to choosing a holiday and, however rational you may believe you are, this applies when buying on behalf of your business too.

Imagine if you really had to consider all the angles for every single decision you make every minute of the day? You’d simply descend into analysis paralysis and nothing would get done. So your brain helps with a few simple shortcuts to aid the decision-making process. It quickly determines a most likely best-case scenario and presents it as ‘gut instinct’ so you can get on with your day.

With that truism in mind, the providers of marketing automation platforms should stop for a moment and pat themselves on the back. Whether by design or chance these organisations have provided the perfect scenario for our lazy brains.

The power of marketing automation

Marketing automation, when delivered to its true potential, makes the buyer journey more logical, clearer and, most importantly, simple. No more pulling information from endless online threads or forums trying and make sense of a solution. No more wondering into information dead ends or having to seek advice from a person whose mantra is close, close and then close again.

Instead, marketing automation offers a steady flow of useful, insightful communications perfectly mapped to match the buyer journey and delivered in a way that’s engineered to not tax your brain.

So, to the marketing automation platforms and the marketing professionals who use them; the human brain salutes you for making decision-making just that little bit less strenuous.

So the question is, how much effort are you placing on the customer narrative in the buyer journey? Are you designing your nurture campaigns to be neuro-friendly?

Would you like to learn more about decision-making theory and designing nurture campaigns that satisfy your customer motivators? Good, then let’s talk.



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