A well-crafted message will influence people’s attitudes, beliefs, and decisions. But getting the message right is difficult.

Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create it

Are you ready to fully engage your audience, build trust and close more deals? Owning and telling your business story is the first step.

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There are no free online tools to craft marketing messages

A clear marketing message for your product or service acts as your hymn sheet when everyone in the business is singing from the same one, you establish a strong voice in the market. But to be heard above the noise, your message needs to speak loudly to your customer and their needs.

So, how do you create an effective marketing message?

Learn your customer’s language. Don’t waste time and energy talking about what you do and the minor details of your product. You need to demonstrate you understand your customer’s challenges and provide a solution that will either help them make a gain or avoid a loss. 

We all know it’s easier said than done. All too often, messaging is handed over to the product or technical experts, resulting in complex, obscure and even misleading marketing messages. Those too close to your product know too much to see through your customer’s lens.

To craft a marketing message that resonates with the prospects that matter, you need objectivity and the ability to look beyond what you think you know about your customer. By bringing in a third party, you can see your product through fresh, unbias eyes and uncover the marketing message that will inspire action.

Give me an example?

Uber’s marketing message is ‘Get there: Your Day Belongs to You’. 

This message works because it conveys an aspirational future in reach with Uber’s help. It poses the problem of needing to get somewhere and presents a solution enabling you to take control of your life. 

Now imagine for a moment Uber’s core message was: 

‘Schedule a ride through our simple to use taxi app, monitor your driver’s progress and share the cost with a friend’

They’re all key features of Uber’s service, but this long sentence doesn’t pick up on the key benefits: control, accessibility, choice and flexibility. 

Uber has realigned its message multiple times in its short history. When they were the only challenger brand in the space, they got away with: ‘Everyone’s private driver’. But by continually tapping into what their customers care about, they have stayed relevant and successful even in challenging conditions.

We make your message work harder

Without a clear, purposeful message, marketing content misses the opportunity to influence attitudes, beliefs, and decisions. That’s why we get to know your audience, drill down to what they care about and craft a message that will drive action. 

  • We will understand your audience and the language they use
  • We will understand their challenge and how your product or service enables your customer to overcome that challenge
  • We will ensure we articulate how your audience will make a gain or avoid a loss
  • We will create a messaging house that will be the foundation for how you communicate to your audience, be that an event, video, product launch, elevator pitches, or sales enablement.

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