Getting started with Oracle Eloqua

Deploying Oracle Marketing Cloud Technology requires a healthy mix of strategy and technical ability. However, the journey is much smoother if you have an experienced professional on your side. That’s where we come in.

We work closely with you to gain a better understanding of your business and scope your requirements. This will take into consideration the nature of your business, your path-to-purchase and your platform or data integration needs. 

We will lead you through the SmartStart and integration stages, making sure your Eloqua instance is calibrated for your needs. We will also help you consider your strategic approach for future marketing and lead nurture activity.

We can also assist in designing your data requirements, ingestion, modelling, analytics and cross-channel activation.

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Helping your workforce embrace marketing automation

Working with your appointed marketing automation project lead, we will help you scope your requirements and create a strategy for change, involving mentoring and adoption workshops.

Once the strategy is defined we will help you establish an action plan consisting of 3 core phases:

  1. A stakeholder communication plan for the required change
  2. A training plan for those that require it
  3. A champions plan (to help you manage your champions across the business)

With our specialist knowledge and mentorship, we will help you to create a robust strategy, including planning, communications and managing change to the wider organisation by identifying champions. Our tried and tested modular approach has been developed with leading international brands. It provides an easy to follow and established framework ensuring you successfully adopt and realise the benefits of your Oracle Marketing Cloud Technology.

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How to accelerate your marketing automation

Are you looking to move from tactical to strategic, customer-centric campaigns?

API integrations, app implementations and platform optimisation will deliver the best customer experience and performance enhancements. We can guide you through these possibilities and optimise your platform.

We’ll help you with product propositions, customer journey workshops, creative concepts, content creation, campaign flows, delivery and measurement. Our team of B2B creatives, writers and producers design with Marketing Automation in mind so your campaigns are always optimal.

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