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The Types Of Stories You Can Use For Your Business

To answer this I have put together a list of the seven types of stories that you can use depending on your situation.

1) Your Purpose Story

So many companies talk about what they do and how they do it but miss out WHY they do it. Capturing the businesses ‘why’ is often where a compelling story can be found. Use your ‘Why’ story for new business meetings, to explain the purpose of your company to new staff and to remind everyone why you are in the business you are in.

2) Your Risk Story

Business leaders take risks and every risk has its story, be it success or failure. Either way, these stories tell us about the kind of leader who is at the helm so choose this story if you want to demonstrate how you operate under pressure and how you manage risk.

3) Your Vision Story

Giving people a window through which to view how your company will look in the future will go a long way in helping them understand your strategy and what part they will play in realising your goals. A vision story is a perfect way to make your thinking tangible.

4) Your Customer Story

Get your customers to do the heavy lifting by sharing their stories of where they see the value you add. When we hear these told from the customer’s point of view they become more authentic and therefore people are more willing to share them. Or read this blog for 3 online tools that will sky rocket your own content.

5) Your Launch Story

Whether your business is an online retailer, a tech start-up or a global enterprise you had a launch: a deadline, a day when you went live. Share the story of your journey from humble beginnings and bring to life what you are capable of.

6) Your Founder Story

So many businesses fail to mention the founders, even when they are still running the business. You may be humble but people want to hear the story of how and why you started the business, the hurdles you faced and what you learned on the journey.

7) Your Leadership Story

Your leadership story can help you guide an organisation. So at your next boardroom meeting you can use the power of story to demonstrate how your leadership skills have avoided potential storms, created new opportunities and put the organisation in better stead.

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We believe in simplicity. It’s proven to be beneficial. Especially in a complex world where new ideas need to be explained. That doesn’t mean we won’t work with clients who have complex offerings. We love the challenge of unpacking layers of complexity in order to communicate your offering in a memorable way. Like all these things, it starts with a conversation. So let’s talk. If not, we hope this blog post on the types of stories you can use for your business has helped your business.

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