The emotional connection between buyer and seller for the B2B sale is crucial. Psychology studies show that story creates emotions and can deeply influence our attitudes, beliefs and decisions. Why? Because when we engage in a story we are not using the critical rational part of the brain; instead we are engaging the older limbic system that supports emotion, behavior, motivation and long-term memory.

If you think that emotions are only effective for B2C and not for B2B where product specs and value propositions rule the buyer’s decision-making then you need to think again. Research carried out by Google revealed that B2B brands provoke an emotional connection with more than 50% of their customers. That’s compared to 10-40% for B2C. The emotional connection between buyer and seller for the B2B sale is crucial. Ignore that thought and you shouldn’t be surprised if your prospects ignore your content.

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“B2B brands provoke an emotional connection with more than 50% of their customers. That’s compared to 10-40% for B2C.”




At the heart of all communication is the narrative and one of the most compelling ways to get your message across is as a story. We have taken the guessing out of narrative creation and developed a 5-step process that ensures your story ticks all the boxes to create maximum engagement. So join the revolution and engage your prospects with a powerful story. Work with us and we’ll even give you a free copy of our book Why You Need A Business Story And How To Create It so you can continue creating great stories back at the office.


We know social and we know content so we know how to produce hard working content for social. We can create simple GIFs for Twitter, infographics for your white paper or videos for sharing across every platform. Social media needs to connect with your audience in a meaningful way and well-conceived visual content will achieve that goal.


Using our team of experts we can manage large location productions across multiple time zones or produce a single GIF for twitter. Our team appreciate the needs of modern B2B marketing so our ideas will be creative, tell compelling stories and look amazing whilst staying focused on your prospects needs. From initial creative idea to final technical upload, HarveyDavid are here to get you from A to Z with as little fuss as possible.


Want a giant cherry the size of Big Ben to fall from space into a lake filled with cream? With animation you can have it. Animation is perfect for explaining how complex subjects work. From script to production, our managed production process means you can get on with your day job whilst we do fiddly stuff with pixels. Animation makes anything possible and everything look simple.

HarveyDavid applies the psychology of decision-making theory to unlock the true needs of customers. We ask the less obvious questions to bring forward their true and often hidden motivators, creating more personalised narratives unique to them. When applied to B2B content this establishes a natural and relevant buyer journey that is tailored to the customers’ perspective. This, coupled with marketing automation, creates compelling cascading campaigns that naturally nurture your prospect towards purchase.

Our method was created by HarveyDavid co-founder David Sloly; it is drawn from his work as a journalist turned broadcaster and underpinned with his studies in psychology. David has implemented his knowledge and skills into HarveyDavid, creating a highly effective method which has allowed us to publish a book, speak at a TED talk and get frequent invitations to speak at events that help companies understand and apply the power of story.

We’ll help you;

  • Create a content strategy
  • Audit your content, find the gaps and recommend content to fill the gaps
  • Write and produce video, infographics, white papers, presentations, blogs, social graphics and other assets required for the buyer journey
  • Produce assets in multiple versions for social media channels
  • Find interview subjects, footage and locations
  • Manage complex productions


HarveyDavid will guide you through the process of creating content from identifying needs through to delivery. We have experts in house and trusted partners on tap to ensure efficiencies in content production. 

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Content production can involve many moving parts making the process complex. Our teams are managed by B2B marketing professionals so your production will be aligned to your marketing needs.

You can engage our teams in three ways:


Lead generation is the number one goal that B2B marketers are seeking from a content strategy. We can audit your content, provide ideas to fill any gaps and help define typical buyer journeys.


For thousands of years humans have both educated and entertained using the power of story. Our unique method for creating compelling stories will ensure your vision; ideas, products or services capture the imagination of the recipient and are remembered.


Trust us with your managed content productions from a single infographic to an international multi camera shoot. We have in house creative and writing skills and a team of preferred partners on hand for the technical stuff.